Manuscript Preperation

 Manuscript preparation

The manuscript should be double-spaced, in 12-point font, with 35 mm margins. The title page is the first page which must contain the title, author names, affiliations, and email addresses. Page numbers should start from page 2 and line numbers as they continue.

Figures and tables should be cited in the text as “Fig. 1” or “Table 2.”. 

All scientific names, including genera and species, should be mentioned in their entirety and their authority in the first citation (but not in the title). 

Each manuscript must be submitted with a full and running title. Both titles will be published in papers on top of the pages. A full title must be inserted in the submitted file, and a running title has to be inserted during submission.

The authors should avoid using acronyms or abbreviations, especially in the abstract. For measurements, the Système international d’unités (SI) must be followed. Taxonomic papers must adhere to the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN) standard.

Type of papers

JESI considers research articles, review articles, monographs, editorial letters, and short communications.

According to the journal's scope, research articles are toned to include significant research results.

Short communications are usually limited to reference lists, figures, and tables. They have abstracts but other parts of the full research papers, including the introduction, material and methods, results, and discussion (IMMRD), should be excluded. This type of publication is intended to report preliminary data like case studies.

Review article contents should include a wide range of researched items and new important discoveries, not just from literature reviews.

Manuscript structure

The structure of manuscripts may differ somewhat based on the manuscript type or subject.

The title of the manuscript should be precise, descriptive, comprehensive, and concise. No abbreviation should be used in the title. The authorship for the species is avoided, while the family and order of the taxa are included.

Personal information, including first name, family name, associated department, university/ research institute, city, province (state), country, and email address is required for each author. Authors are strongly recommended to completely fill in all subjects of author information, especially ORCID ID, during the submission process.

The Abstract includes a concise story of the manuscript emphasizing the method and results, which should not exceed 250 words.         

Keywords should be mentioned immediately after the abstract and below it.

The Introduction should include introducing and justifying the subject and reviewing previous literature reviews that indicate the purpose of the research.

Materials and Methods section includes a complete description of the materials used and methods described. For the adopted methods, it is enough to cite the reference(s) only.

Results and discussion can be presented together or with separate titles.

The manuscript data could be presented as figures or tables. The table should have no vertical lines, and each one must be presented on a separate page. All figures, including photographs and drawings, must be cited in the main text and presented on a separate page. Figures resolution for color images should be 300 dpi but for line art, it could be 600 dpi. Captions of all tables and figures should be put after the references. The recommended file type is JPEG.

I think the discussion should include an analysis of the results, which have been originated, interpreted, and evaluated based on the other works through which synthesize at least one new scientific finding.

References should be prepared according to the reference styles and arranged based on the letters of the first author's family alphabet.

 Conflict of interest form: please receive the conflict of interest form (here) and submit it with MS after signing.

Commitment form: complete the author's commitment form, then sign and submit it

Template Manuscripts uploaded here (English ) and here ( Persian).


Submission process:

The complete submission checklist includes the following items:

Cover letter

A full list of the authors with their addresses and affiliations, including the corresponding author's contact information, must be provided.


Potential reviewers – at least two-

Main file embedded figures and tables

Supplementary file (optional)

Graphical Abstract

The manuscript must be submitted through the journal website.