Reviewer Guideline

Content published in the JESI is peer-reviewed based on open peer review (single-blind peer review).

EIC will check each submitted manuscript for its quality and writing style. A subject editor will be selected to follow the peer review process. Providing reviewer names during submission could be helpful in choosing the appropriate reviewers. The reviewers would be experts in their fields around the world. Based on reviewer reports and the subject editor, EIC makes a decision about the manuscript. The evaluation process is illustrated here.

Reviewers are responsible for ensuring that the manuscript's contents meet the following criteria.

Originality, novelty, a worthy contribution to entomology and its related fields, contributing new information, manuscript structure and relevance to author guidelines, reference quality, and English writing style, including grammar, spelling, and punctuation. 

During the evaluation process, the reviewers must consider their reviews confidential.

The reviewers are encouraged to present a two-paragraph report addressing the manuscript's aims, questions, and hypotheses, including its contribution to the area of research. The report highlights the importance of the work and provides a conceptual short message to explain interesting aspects, scientific methods, and conclusions based on the data.

The reviewers strongly recommend making critical and constructive comments while remaining anonymous, considering the deadlines.

In case of any conflict of interest, such as professional relations, friendship, collaboration, or competition, the reviewers should decline the invitation for the review.

JESI recommends that reviewers sign up with Web of Science to increase the reviewers’ qualifications and scientific status, as well as the journal metrics at a global scale.