Volume & Issue: Volume 25, Issue 2, March 2006 
Oak cynipid gall inquilines of Iran (Hym.: Cynipidae: Synergini), with description of new species

Pages 15-50

H. Yarmand; Z. Ács; Z. Ács; Z. Ács; M. Tavakoli; Zs. Pénzes; Zs. Pénzes; Zs. Pénzes; M. H. Assareh; M. Bechtold; Z. Ács; Zs. Pénzes; J. Pujade-Villar; G. Melika; S. E. Sadeghi; H. Askary

Report of Psyllaephagus stenopsyllae (Hym.: Encyrtidae) from Iran

Pages 83-84

A. Ameri; A. A. Talebi; Z. H. Xu; E. Rakhshani

Report of Bithia glirina and Masicera sphingivora (Diptera: Tachinidae) from Iran

Pages 85-87

Y. Karimpour; Y. Fathipour; A. A. Talebi; S. Moharramipour; H. P. Tschorsnig