Volume & Issue: Volume 25, Issue 1, September 2005 
Report of Phaenolobus saltans (Hym.: Ichneumonidae) from Iran

Pages 59-60

Y. Karimpour; Y. Fathipour; A. A. Talebi; S. Moharramipour; K. Horstmann

Report of Four Psocid Species for Fauna of Iran

Pages 61-62

A. R. Jalalizand; B. Hatami; J. Khajehali; H. Ostovan

Record of Monodontomerus aereus (Hym.: Torymidae) from Iran

Pages 65-66

B. Gharali; H. A. Lotfalizadeh; E. Ebrahimi; M. Zerova

Report of Nilea anatolica (Dip.: Tachinidae) from Iran

Pages 71-72

Y. Karimpour; Y. Fathipour; A. A. Talebi; S. Moharramipour; H. P. Tschorsnig

Report of Eight Species of Parasitoid Wasps Belonging to Chalcidoidea fram Cynipidae Galls on Oak Trees

Pages 79-80

E. Azizkhani; G. R. Rasulian; A. Kharazi-Pakdel; S. E. Sadeghi; M. Tavakoli; G. Melika

Report of Bruchophagus robiniae (Hym.: Eurytomidae) from Iran

Pages 81-82

E. Rakhshani; A. A. Talebi; T. C. Narendran

Carbon metabolism of Beauveria bassiana may be related to virulence against Plutella xylostella and Leptinotarsa decemlineata

Pages 85-95

Javad Mozaffari; Mark S. Goettel; A. Kharazi-pakdel; Reza Talaei-hassanloui; John Bissett