Volume & Issue: Volume 24, Issue 2, March 2005, Pages 1-163 
First Report of Parasitoids Fly , Exorista grandis( Dip.: Tachinidae) from Iran

Pages 137-138

Y. Fathipour; Y. Karimpour; A.A. Talebi; S. Moharramipour; H.P. Tshorsnig

Report of Broscus Punctatus ( Col.: Carabidae) from Iran

Pages 139-140

M. Fallahzadeh; M. Shojaee; H. Ostovan

First Report of , Rhytidodus nobilis (Hom.: Cicadellidae) from Iran

Pages 141-142

S. Heidari; Y. Fathipour; S. E. Sadeghi; J. Szwedo

New Report of Parasitoids Carabidae in Iran

Pages 143-144

S. Mohammadzadehfard; S.H. Hojjat

Report of Orthopelma mediator and Exeristes roborator (Hym.: Ichneumonidae) Parasitoids of Diplolepis sp. (Hym.: Cynipidae ) from Iran

Pages 145-146

A. A. Talebi; S. H. Daneshvar; Y. Fathipour; E. Rakhshani; S. E. Sadeghi; Y. Karimpour; K. Horstmann

Report of Chamaesphecia schizoceriformis ( Lep.: Sesiidae ) from Iran

Pages 147-148

A.A. Talebi; Y. Karimpour; Y. Fathipour; S. Moharramipour; I. Tosevski

Report of Trochiscocoirs hemipterus ( Het.: Pentatomidae) from Iran

Pages 149-150

M. Nategh Golestani; M.H. Safaralizadeh; A. Sarafrazi